Fruit Pursuit is a match 3 game about collecting fruit in a race to the finish!

There are three game modes available:

  • Race: Complete laps by collecting enough of each fruit to advance, competing for a high score.
  • Timed: Play for 6 minutes, trying to get the highest score you can in that time.
  • Sprint: See how quickly you can reach a score of 200,000.

Match fruit to reach the goal for each lap, while keeping the time bar from running out! Press A (X) to lock the cursor and use the dpad to choose the swap direction.

Every lap will have a shiny fruit, indicated by the "x2" beside it on the right side of the screen (and by 2 stars below it at the start of each lap). Matching the shiny fruit gives double points. When falling fruit leads to additional matches, these are called "passes" and each subsequent pass doubles the points awarded!

Pressing the B (Z) button will use a wrench and briefly flash all possible matches. New wrenches are awarded every 100,000 points.

When there are no moves available the grid will clear and a bonus will be awarded.

When the timer runs out the game is over.

Beta Notes

I have a whole bunch of ideas to juice up the game when I find the time, in addition to fitting more music in the 32KB ROM, but I wanted to get a beta release out for additional feedback.


Keyboard Game Boy Action
Enter Start Advance/Pause
Tab Select Toggle palette on title/pause screen
X A Confirm/Lock
Z B Cancel/Hints
Arrow keys D-Pad Move and choose swap direction

Select can be pressed on the title/pause screen to toggle palettes for different display types.

Tools Used:

Additional Code/Assets:

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)


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Fruit Pursuit Beta 32 kB

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Very nice game :)



Good fun! Got a time of 5:05 in Sprint Mode.


Glad you enjoyed it. Nice time!

(3 edits) (+1)

I'm having a nice time with your new game here. The wrench mechanic is a nice touch and the idea of racing with fruit is just super cute! Great work as always, bud.

I was playing through Race Mode and the fruit starts doing a kind of jiggly wobble then the game ended - but my time was not down to 0. Wasn't sure what happened there since I thought the lose condition is met when the timer drops to 0?


There's the play timer which counts up from 0:00 (and only really makes sense in Timed and Sprint mdoes), but the time bar is the one that ends the game. It's constantly draining and gets refilled when you match things. The rate it drains at increases with each lap.

Ahh, yes I see now. Was a bit confused then. Thanks!

No problem! There's certainly room for confusion with two time-related elements involved. ;)

Super addicting! I found myself playing way longer than I planned to!


Nice music, ha ;)


Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the excellent music!