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Very nice game :)



Good fun! Got a time of 5:05 in Sprint Mode.


Glad you enjoyed it. Nice time!

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I'm having a nice time with your new game here. The wrench mechanic is a nice touch and the idea of racing with fruit is just super cute! Great work as always, bud.

I was playing through Race Mode and the fruit starts doing a kind of jiggly wobble then the game ended - but my time was not down to 0. Wasn't sure what happened there since I thought the lose condition is met when the timer drops to 0?


There's the play timer which counts up from 0:00 (and only really makes sense in Timed and Sprint mdoes), but the time bar is the one that ends the game. It's constantly draining and gets refilled when you match things. The rate it drains at increases with each lap.

Ahh, yes I see now. Was a bit confused then. Thanks!

No problem! There's certainly room for confusion with two time-related elements involved. ;)

Super addicting! I found myself playing way longer than I planned to!


Nice music, ha ;)


Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the excellent music!